Congratulations for completing your book. Now what?

Many first time authors get excited about finishing their book, then quickly become overwhelmed when they realize how much work is involved with layout and design. How important is this? As a reviewer, I have personally put down many books just because they were badly laid out and edited, not matter how amazing the story is. Now imagine being a reader who spent money on your book; not only will they not finish reading it, they won’t recommend it to other readers either.

Instead of getting frustrated and quitting, let Emerald Publications help you put the finishing touches on your self published book that will take it from “a book” to an amazingly sell-able product. We can design and produce a media ready press release, help with distribution, layout your paperback, hard-cover or eBook and make it ready for publication.

Why trust Emerald Publications? As a self published author, I have learned the hard way what sells and what does not. As a journalist, I know how to capture media attention. There are also many people out there selling these services for more money than most self-published authors have at their disposal. That is why I promise to produce an amazing product for your market, without the high price tag attached.

Let us take the frustration of out of your design needs.

Marianne Curtis

Emerald Publications