Manitoba adoptee pens memoir after finding Edmonton-based birth family via Facebook

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Manitoba adoptee pens memoir after finding Edmonton-based birth family via Facebook

ILE DES CHENES, Manitoba (April 7, 2012) – On May 1, 2012 Marianne Curtis, head writer for the Dawson Trail Dispatch newspaper will officially launch her first book, a heartbreaking memoir titled Finding Gloria, recently published through Amazon. The launch is scheduled to take place at 7:30 PM in the Highway 206 Grill, located on Provincial Highway 206 in Landmark.

“This book is my healing process – a few years ago I hit rock bottom after years of hardship and failures; I was done with life,” says Marianne Curtis, author. “I want readers to read the book and realize that no matter how horrible life may be, you can survive, you just have to fight and believe things were not meant to be this way.  I currently know people so overwhelmed with life they can’t see themselves move forward – I was there at one point – I went from wanting to give up and die to discovering my life had a purpose.”

Finding Gloria chronicles the authors rise out of the ashes of abject misery to the point of discovering that everything she grew up believing about herself was based on lies. This memoir tells how the author was given up at birth and adopted by a family who eventually settles in southern Manitoba. The story exposes the author’s upbringing where she was emotionally and physically abused until she runs away. As a ward of Child and Family Services, the author`s recovery included admission into an institution.

At eighteen, she marries and goes on to raise four children, but the echoes of her mother’s abuse ring loudly, affecting her decisions every step of the way. Eventually her insecurities lead to three failed marriages and her own mental breakdown. On the heels of her adoptive mother’s death three years ago, the author discovers her birth family in Edmonton through Facebook, along with the true origins of her life. In the process she finds love, peace and acceptance never experienced during the first forty years of her life.

What others are saying:

“The courage to expose the best and the worst of oneself for all the public to see is a rare strength. Marianne shows that strength page after page.” ― Dan Guetre, Publisher and Editor

“This is a very heartfelt and moving story, told simply with unrestrained emotion. Readers should clear their schedules, make a pot of coffee, and keep a box of Kleenex handy. Once they start reading they will not be able to put it down.” ― Cynthia J Faryon, Author & Freelance Writer

“This is a story of a woman’s undying need to be recognized and loved, and to love. It’s about a woman who survives poverty, homelessness and deprivation, only to rise above those conditions to find forgiveness, humanity and self-worth. It’s a compassionate story of overcoming the odds to become a real, honest-to-goodness person with a heart.” ― James Kostelniuk, Author & Freelance Writer

“Finding Gloria is an interesting account of a life that has experienced many brow raising events.”― Alvin Funk, Author & Freelance Writer

Finding Gloria has been released in paperback and e-book. It can be ordered by contacting Dan Guetre, editor of the Dawson Trail Dispatch at or online at and  A complimentary downloadable version is available to media upon request.

Marianne Curtis is the head writer for the Dawson Trail Dispatch, a monthly publication that covers all of southern Manitoba. Over the past fifteen years, she has published over 7,000 articles on topics ranging from hard-core news, politics, current events, fundraisers, sports and public interest pieces.



Marianne Curtis, author


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