Local Memoir Success in the Numbers

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Local Memoir Success in the Numbers


ILE DES CHENES, Manitoba (June 13, 2012) –  Finding Gloria, a memoir written by Dawson Trail Dispatch journalist Marianne Curtis is gaining readers on a global scale with both her printed version and online edition. A celebratory launch is taking place at 7:30 PM in the Travel Cove located in McNally Robinson Bookstores, Grant Avenue Winnipeg.

“I’m humbled by how many people want to read about my personal journey,” says Curtis. “I’ve received and shipped orders to Europe, Australia and all over North America in the short time since its launch.”

The book critically looks at her life and the hurdles she has overcome to achieve a personal success, a place she describes as being comfortable and accepting of who she is.

With sales of over 1,000 copies in less than a couple of weeks, and book launch events from Landmark, Lorette, Steinbach and even McNally Robinson Book Sellers, she is trying to deal with her authored success and recognition. Recently, CJOB invited her to be the guest author on the station`s weekly call in show “The Book Club.”

“Who knew? I wrote the book as a form of therapy, to finally air out the demons of my past. Now to receive letters and emails from readers explaining how I have somehow inspired or helped them cope with their lives… it’s very humbling,” explains Curtis. “People I speak to at the events feel comfortable to speak about their own lives, some of this information they have kept bottled up for years. They say my book is giving them the strength to open up.”

If there ever was a book that dusted off all the skeletons in the closet, Finding Gloria is achieving that status.

About Finding Gloria:

Imagine growing up hearing you are nothing. Imagine believing you are predestined to be useless and worthless. Imagine believing you are unlovable and TWO mothers despised you enough to either toss you aside or abuse you.

In Finding Gloria, the author tells her story beginning from the moment she was given up for adoption. In this inspirational yet heartbreaking memoir, Marianne Curtis exposes her upbringing in an abusive adoptive home where she was beaten and starved, until she bravely flees for her life as a teenager.
Faced with homelessness, she marries at eighteen and by the young age of 24 has four children. Outwardly her life appears to be perfect but the echoes of her mother’s abuse ring loudly, affecting her most basic life choices. She stumbles and falls repeatedly while attempting to find the real purpose of her life.

On the heels of her adoptive mother’s death, the author finds her birth family after a 40 year separation. Along with the true origins of her existence, she finally finds understanding, love, peace and acceptance she missed during the first four decades of her life.
With honest openness, “Finding Gloria” chronicles the author’s desperate attempts to rise out of the ashes, until her “light bulb moment” as she discovers everything she grew up believing about herself was based on lies. Armed with forgiveness she discovers she can’t run from her past, but she can change her future.

What others are saying:

“What a very inspirational story, what an incredible woman to come to terms with herself like this.” ―Richard Cloutier, Executive Producer CJOB Radio

“Such strength and bravery to overcome everything she’s been through (and) to find forgiveness of herself and her family like that, it’s so beautiful and it’s so powerful – I sat in awe of her while listening to her story. I think she is an amazing person and she is already inspiring so many people to change and kind of reflect on themselves and to grow and become a better person from it.” ―Justine Routhier, host of The Book Club on CJOB Radio Weekend Show

“The courage to expose the best and the worst of oneself for all the public to see is a rare strength. Marianne shows that strength page after page.” ― Dan Guetre, Publisher and Editor

“This is a very heartfelt and moving story, told simply with unrestrained emotion. Readers should clear their schedules, make a pot of coffee, and keep a box of Kleenex handy. Once they start reading they will not be able to put it down.” ― Cynthia J Faryon, Author & Freelance Writer

“This is a story of a woman’s undying need to be recognized and loved, and to love. It’s about a woman who survives poverty, homelessness and depravation, only to rise above those conditions to find forgiveness, humanity and self-worth. It’s a compassionate story of overcoming the odds to become a real, honest-to-goodness person with a heart.” ― James Kostelniuk, Author & Freelance Writer

Finding Gloria has been released in paperback and e-book. It can be ordered online at mariannecurtis.wordpress.com and Amazon.com.  It is also available in select stores in communities throughout the southeast. A complimentary downloadable version is available to media upon request.

Marianne Curtis is the head writer for the Dawson Trail Dispatch, a monthly publication that covers all of southern Manitoba. Over the past fifteen years, she has published over 7,000 articles on topics ranging from hard core news, politics, current events, fundraisers, sports and public interest pieces.



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