Indie Author TV

I have been lucky enough to score myself a free lifetime membership to Ìndie Author TV . The website is designed to promote book trailers for authors of self published titles. I first heard about it on Twitter. I saw an ad saying `free posting` for the first 100 authors. I submitted my application. I was fully prepared to pay for a month or two if I missed the 100 first people, so either way I was a winner.

I waited and waited…three weeks later, I noticed the ad being placed on twitter again. I was confused, i had received a confirmation email when i signed up but nothing since. I didn’t know if I was in, or out. Yet I saw the same ad, this time saying there were only 43 slots left. I contacted the sender. If I was in, I wanted to know and if I wasn`t, than I needed to move on.

At first the person on the other end was a little confused; but once she understood my question, she thanked me for bringing it to her attention. She had not messaged anyone yet – but I was the first to point that out. She realized that other authors were probably wondering too. Because I brought it to her attention, my book trailer for Finding Gloria will be listed indefinitely at no charge.

I was very surprised and grateful for this response; sites like this are the bread and butter for self published authors.

Please check out my listing: Finding Gloria on Indie Authors TV

I was so impressed, I paid for additional services. On November  19, Finding Gloria will be featured on Indie Author News.

Anyone self publishing – i highly recommend you contact these people – great service.


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