NEW RELEASE: Farm Philosophy by Mel Groening

Mel Groening was a columnist for the AgriPost newspaper. For those unfamilour with the AgriPost, it is published by One One Consultants, owned and operated by Dan Guetre. Dan also owns the Dawson Trail Dispatch (I am the headwriter); Cruisin’ For Deals and Simply Connected (a broadband company). It is a free monthly agriculture paper that goes into farmer’s mailboxes throughout southern Manitoba, including Winkler and Altona.

ANYWAYS, for just over a decade, Mel Groening wrote a monthly column called “Farm Philosophy”. My father (who was a dairy farmer) would have loved this man’s writings. Unfortunately, we suffered a big loss this summer when Mel passed away from cancer. This left alot of his fans asking for a compilation of his work. In response, his family asked me to help them fullfil Mel’s dream.

Well, I am thrilled to announce that Farm Philosophy by Mel Groening is available on both as a paperback and ebook. I have been privilaged to be a part of this project – I did the layout and design on both the paperback and e-book. It was alot of work, but I think the finished product looks amazing.

The family will be hosting an official book release party in December. I will post a date when it is announced. Books can also be ordered directly from the family.


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