NEW RELEASE: Behind Whispering Pines by Marianne Curtis

Many people have wondering where Finding Gloria came from.

In 2005, I returned to school for my grade 12 diploma. I signed up for classes in Steinbach at Red River Community College. In order to get my diploma, I had to take several classes including 3 English classes and a psychology class.  One of our English assignments was to read Tuesdays with Morrie and then to write our story. My story is pretty complicated. I was adopted, abused, a teen runaway, young mother of four, divorced twice, estranged from family and pretty much lost and confused. So I took the project seriously, took a certain event (finding out my adoptive mother was in the hospital) and examined how that made me feel in light of my life. When my teacher graded the project, she didn’t really know what to say. She said that it was an amazing story and that one day, I should expand on it and publish it. Well, in 2012, I did – I published my memoir Finding Gloria.

Behind Whispering Pines could be considered a spoiler, as some of it is in Finding Gloria. However there are also parts of the story that are not in my memoir – so it could be considered a complement. It is available for sale on Amazon, but in a few days I will have things set up on so that readers can download a free e-book copy. I am hoping this will encourage readers to take things a step further and purchase the newly released Finding Gloria ~ Special Edition; which includes 50 exclusive photographs that are not available in the first edition.

While Behind Whispering Pines will be offered for free instead of doing free-bees of the full version, money raised from the sale will go towards organizations that are dedicated to helping child abuse survivors and people struggling with post traumatic disorder due to abusive situations.

I hope you will check it out,



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