Finding Gloria leaves mark on Amazon Bestsellers lists

October 10, 2013 Canada #1

Finding Gloria ~ Special Edition, written by Manitoba author Marianne Curtis hit several best sellers lists across the world during a five day campaign to raise awareness to bullying and child abuse. In celebration of the United States “Bullying Awareness Week”, Curtis re-released her personal memoir. Finding Gloria chronicles the authors life from the moment she was given up for adoption, abused in her adoptive home, bullied and raped until she was kicked out of high school.

“It’s a story of cause and effect; this is what happened to me and this is how it affected my life. It’s not easy to “get over it” like many people like to say, especially when the roots of abuse run so deep,” stated Curtis. “The one thing that hit me recently – the book is called Finding Gloria, and Gloria was my birth name. Oprah once said that when a child is abused it changed who they were meant to be. Writing my story, I found Gloria. I read my book now, and I can not believe this was my life. So much has changed.”

The re-launch campaign ran from October 5 to 9. During that time, Finding Gloria – Special Edition hit the Amazon Canada Best Sellers list at #1 in the category of Child Abuse; for three days it was also #1 is the more prestigious Memoirs category. For the entire five days, it hovered between #3 and #5 on the Amazon US Best Sellers List under the category of Child Abuse. It even hit the UK best sellers list in #5. Copies were also sold in Germany (where it climbed to #7) and France.

TOP #3 Amazon US best seller

Amazon - top 3

#4 on Amazon UK

Amazon - top 4 uk


Amazon - #7 Germany


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