Author Interview – Marianne Curtis on A Discreet Betrayal

Q: What is this book about? 

A: Well, it started out as a book about online dating, turned into a nasty betrayal. Then it takes you on a wild ride through the subplot. It will take you on an a crazy adventure. The ending, will come completely out of left field, and leave you gasping.

 Q: Is this story inspired by the realities of the online dating world?

A: Yes, I was once a member of several online chat rooms, joined a few dating sites and met many interesting people. It was very much a part of my life for a decade! I took some of my personal experiences, and put them together. My characters carry a piece of each memorable chatter I’ve met; and the main men, men I’ve dated or wanted to date.  Some of the activities I wrote about being actual events I attended. It’s hard for people to understand how real, online life can become. People meet, they get married, they have children. They date, they break up, they get cheated on. And it all starts on a computer! This was the good old days – when chat was still fun! Now, it’s not the same. I would never join some of the things groups I did before.

Q: Are any of the experiences in this novel based on parts of your life?

A: The short answer is yes – most of them. The hardest part about writing this book was fictionalizing actual events and protecting the innocent.

Q: If so, is there a message in your novel that you would like readers to grasp?

A: That everyone makes mistakes; some are forgivable, others are not. That it doesn’t matter where you meet in life, if there is a connection, go with it. I’ve had more real online relationships, than most people have in real life. My best friend (who Debbie is based on) and I met in a chatroom. When Debbie speaks, I hear my best friends voice in my head.

Q: Did you learn anything from writing this book and what was it?

A: That sometimes we do insane things when we love someone, things that even we don’t understand. Hopefully in the end, we learn from them.

Q: After reading Finding Gloria, and the range of emotions that I felt as a reader. I can only imagine all the emotions you went through experiencing it, then writing it. My question is what drives you to write a second book that could put you through the same range of emotions a second time, without having read A Discreet Betrayal?

A: Good question. When I wrote Finding Gloria, I got rid of a lot of pain and found tons of understanding. I tend to find healing through my fingertips. Discreet wrote itself for many reasons and in the end, I feel the same relief, I feel like I’ve exorcised my demons, and I am ready to move on. I had hoped that by sharing this story (or the parts that are based on reality) would help me learn and grow; and it did.  Closing the cover at the end of this book, closes the chapter on a few things for me too.

Q: I love the characters. Do you plan on expanding their stories?

A: YES! I see at least two more books coming out of this series ~ I already have an idea for the next one. I am thinking Hannah and Chief Alexander need to get together.

Q: What was the hardest part about writing this book?

A: It challenged my skills, but someone once told me I was a great story teller, so I ran with it. As a journalist, I write facts. In Discreet, I took facts and blew them up into these crazy scenarios. I let my imagination go, but kept it believable and interesting. The ending, sort of blew itself up and I just let my fingers do the talking. Based on the feedback, I hit paydirt.


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