Local author meets with “biggest fan”

a week ago,  I met my biggest fan! 10150645_445068045595697_7147965226339523062_n

Two years ago, when Finding Gloria came out, the office received a call from a young lady in Steinbach. She really wanted my book. I promised to drop off a copy where she worked  but never actually saw her. She called once or twice about payment but I let it go. It was a gift.

Today, I received a message from someone who knows her, asking if I would meet with her face-to-face. Apparently this young lady has been running around with cash in her pocket since Xmas 2012 so she could pay me, just in case we ever ran into each other. She wants to meet me and have me sign her book. Apparently she “loves me” and is just tickled pink that this woman (who contacted me) actually knows me…

This evening, we met for the first time, and I surprised her with two signed copies of my books. She was so thrilled and was actually gushing. I was glad my daughter was there to see it. It was really sweet! I can’t wait to see her again.


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