NEW RELEASE – Presenting Fearlessly by Anna Coleshaw-Echols

Emerald Publications is thrilled to announced the release of Anna Coleshaw-Echols new ebook, Presenting Fearlessly! Congratulations!!!

There are a ton of books on the market about public speaking, but when Anna began writing her new textbook Giving the Gift of Public Speaking, as a replacement for the old workbook that she had been using, her research took a different tack. She learned that not only were many people afraid of speaking in public but, with a few simple strategies, she could help so many future speakers overcome their initial jitters.

After much research and many hours in the classroom, this book was born.

Many books on public speaking focus on improving speech creation and basic presentation skills, which are helpful to those who already enjoy speaking in public. This book, however, can take a non-speaker and assist them in conquering their fears and concerns in order to begin seeking out speaking opportunities as well as to propel an already good speaker to greatness.

Anna has compiled a list of 37 of the most common public speaking fears and set out to conquer each and every one of them with solutions and strategies that anyone can utilize. The strategies, ideas and insights in this book are gleaned from Anna’s years of speaking and training experience and are proven in both the public speaking arena and everyday life.

You can purchase your copy here.

Or Visit her website here!


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