NEWS RELEASE – Ashley Madison breech no surprise, says Canadian Author.s

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Ashley Madison breech no surprise, says Canadian Author

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (August 24, 2015) – When Canadian author Marianne Curtis took on the world of Internet dating in her first full length romantic fiction A Discreet Betrayal, she unknowingly predicted what could happen should an unsuspecting partner discover their lover cheating via the Internet.

“I can completely understand and empathize with every person who discovers their partner cheated on sites like Ashley Madison. I still remember the day I discovered the site existed; the ‘dating’ site, along with a similar site were the basis of A Discreet Betrayal,” stated Curtis. “Cheating is not something new; but the means to cheat have changed. These days, the internet is part of nearly everyone’s life. If something is missing in a relationship, it is easier than ever to step out, without your partner ever being the wiser. Let me be clear though, from my experience it is not just unhappy partners who cheat. Couples do have open relationships; and there are many of those people on these sites as well.”

In the middle of August, email addresses and banking information of nearly 37 million members was released publicly after hackers attacked Ashley Madison’s database. Ashley Madison advertises that “Life is Short, Have an Affair”. So far 19 and Counting  family member Josh Dugger is among the first members to admit to using the site to cheat on his wife, and mother of his children.

In A Discreet Betrayal, Curtis uses her own personal Internet dating experiences as inspiration to recount the story of Emma, a magazine journalist who specializes in investigative pieces.  At the urging of her best friend,  single Emma joins an online dating site where she meets Stephan, the man of her dreams. Unfortunately a revealing email suggests her fiancé is leading a sordid double life.

While investigating the depth of his duplicity, Emma is surprisingly reunited with an old college room-mate with whom she shares a life changing secret.  When Hannah’s estranged husband attempts to kill her, Emma risks her own life to protect her friend from his wrath. In a shocking twist, Emma discovers more to her fiancé’s deception than first anticipated, including a stunning connection that is guaranteed to leave readers gasping in shock and horror.

Inspired by true events,  Marianne Curtis’ first attempt at romantic fiction is written in a pure, vivid voice, draws readers in and has them cheering for Emma right to the last page.

What others are saying:

“Although this isn’t my usual read (romance), I found it interesting and got pulled into the story which is a who-dunnit after all. Well done, Ms. Curtis.” Robert Stermscheg

“This novel has the biggest surprise I never saw coming. Yes, part of the story is about Emma and Stephan’s romance. The thrills are plentiful. The mystery will confuse anybody. The horror! Set in Canada, this book is deeply thought provoking.” Mitsy

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Marianne Curtis

For almost two decades, Marianne Curtis has been the head writer for the Dawson Trail Dispatch, Manitoba’s only privately owned newspaper.  During that time, she has published more than 7,000 articles in the monthly paper.   Writing her first book, Finding Gloria was her way of healing from the past and finding peace with her life.  Originally intended to be an outlet for her own healing, Curtis has been surprised and touched by the stories she hears from readers and the way that her story has helped them to share theirs.

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