Press Releases

A professionally written and laid out press release can make the biggest difference in the world.

All authors want to receive as much free publicity as possible, but are unsure of how to get that attention. As a journalist I receive hundreds of press releases a month. I know what catches the attention of an editor looking for story leads.

  • Professionally laid out and designed
  • Ready for distribution
  • Release can include a book review *author must supply copy of book for review
  • Distribution of releases is available through my media contacts, Twitter, Facebook and other appropriate marketing venues

SAMPLES (click on the image to enlarge)

press release sample

press release sample2

a discreet betrayal - new release announcement

Upon confirmation of payment, you will be contacted by Emerald Publications. Please be ready to supply a cover image, author photo, book details, and contact information that will be shared with other media sources.