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presenting fearlessly

There are a ton of books on the market about public speaking, but when Anna began writing her new textbook Giving the Gift of Public Speaking, as a replacement for the old workbook that she had been using, her research took a different tack. She learned that not only were many people afraid of speaking in public but, with a few simple strategies, she could help so many future speakers overcome their initial jitters.

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Published July 2015

call me adam

Me, I ‘m from a family of 19 kids, the middle one. I have grade 2 education therefore i don’t read and write so good. We grew up poor and I was always hungry. I was told that I was ugly and stupid. Papa kicked me out of my home at the age of 15 and I had to fend for myself. Because of what I went through, it made me the man I am today. This is a true story of how you can rise above your upbringing, not use it as an excuse for your situation but OVERCOME your past, not letting it dictate to your future. You drive your own ship… the choice you make today will affect your future.

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Published June 2015

safety is your business
You have taken the plunge to understand what it takes to create a safe workplace for your employees! If you are reading this, you are a business owner, human resources professional or safety ambassador who has been challenged with the task of creating a program that will guide your company toward a safe working environment. By taking the initial steps to create a foundational program, a safety culture can be cultivated!

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Published June 2015

rehtaeh rocksRehtaeh Parsons Died By Suicide in Nova Scotia, Canada She ended seventeen months of Trauma and Struggle These stones are being placed around the world. After a stone is placed I believe her energy and message is left in this place to inspire others. She would want you to do something positive to prevent sexualized violence. Show kindness not hate towards those suffering. Please leave the stone and do something positive. Angel Rehtaeh

Published May 2015

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buried secrets

In the spring of 1870, France is preparing for an imminent war with Germany. A French cavalry officer, Bernard de Lemarch, has been given the delicate task of approaching a high-ranking Prussian officer, hoping to glean vital military information. But what he doesn’t know is that the Prussian High Command has been forewarned…. and is expecting him. Posing as a painter, the disguised officer meets up with a bungling landscape painter forming an unlikely friendship, one that unwittingly propels both men headfirst into unexpected danger, while resurrecting a secret from Lemarch’s own past.

Paperback released May 2015

ultimate tradgeyUltimate Tragedy is gripping, compelling and inspiring. There is no greater tragedy that one can experience than the death of one’s child. Feel the emotional turmoil that is felt by bereaved parents as author Doreen Pchajek shares her story of devastation and loss.

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Released March 2015

wordoflifeWord of Life by Rev. Henry A Idonije (Published February 2015)

  Divinity and Humanity by Rev. Henry A Idonije (published January 2015)

 The Church by Rev. Henry A Idonije (published December 2014)

Vanessa Simpkins delivers straightforward actionable advice to women on how to deal with and heal self criticism, fear, self doubt, self worth issues, money problems, relationships and more! Once stuck in a bad relationship declaring bankruptcy she is now on a mission to help women take their power back and THRIVE!

This book contains the keys to help you unlock that sexy, confident, powerful, prosperous, fun and fabulous diva rocks star inside you that is screaming to be LET OUT! Let Vanessa’s inspiring, fun stories, case studies and wake up call experiences ignight your passions and fuel your ability to dream BIG and celebrate your success!

Vanessa is an author, speaker and mentor who traded in her red shovel for a red bikini and now lives the dream, inspiring others from the paradise island of Kauai Hawaii.

Published November 2014

Whatever It Takes! contains extraordinary strategies that will help you create a positive attitude towards your life and give you the success you want. With this book as your guide, prepare your soul, heart, mind and body to discover your inner greatness.

Discover how to find and do Whatever It Takes to:
*Set goals
*Find a mentor
*Discover the secrets that make self discipline easy
*Relax to Overcome Stress
*Visualize your success
*Create great relationships
And much much more

Published November 2014

Lyn Watner redefines philanthropy, making it a part of community life. She grew up not knowing that there were things a woman would not do and became the first female pro sports agent. She takes that approach to everything she does and now focuses her attention to helping people give back to their community, in any way they can. She has spent 25 years working with charities and making communities better.

In Philanthropy in Sports, Lyn shares her approach to successful involvement with the help of professional athletes Eddie Murray, Jimmy Jones, Pam Shriver, Rick Dempsey, Andrea Seefeldt Knight and Scott McGregor.

Learn how the pros use their status as professional athletes to better the lives of others in their perspective communities, along with tips on how you can follow their example.

Published September 2014

This is an entertaining, ten year compilation of Mel’s “Farm Philosophy” articles which were published in the Manitoba AgriPost Newspaper.

Be prepared to both laugh and cry as Mel candidly describes many relationships and life experiences growing up and working on the farm. Poking fun at poor farming and business practices, money management and politics are showcased in most every article.

Don’t think for a second that this is a book of gossip; Mel is the first to humbly express personal failures and mishaps in his own life as he openly shares his extremely unique opinions on a variety of topics. Mel believed strongly in both using and sharing your gifts and talents with others.

Both young and old will appreciate the flair of his unforgettable storytelling ability. How Mel remembered the plethora of things that happened when he was in grade three, is a question for his Heavenly Father, who he is without a doubt, enjoying in eternity right now!

Brace yourself as your opinions and perspectives will be put under a microscope, while Mel practically shares some of his gleanings from the most popular Book ever written.

Published November 2012