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Rae of Hope contributor “Warrior Mom” shares her story with Weyburn media

Carlyle Mother Battles Bullies After 10-Year-Old Son Attempts Suicide

A Carlyle mother has been dubbed “warrior mom” in a brand new book called “Rae of Hope” by Marianne Curtis after going to battle against bullies for her son.

Jenna Nickie Therens has been very vocal about the dangers of bullying in schools after her 10-year-old son tried to hang himself in late September. She feels her son was bullied by a teacher as well as other students, leading to his depression.

“This one boy was sitting on his chest choking him on the playground and the teachers weren’t seeing it,” said Therens. “I’m not sure where the teachers were.”

Therens says her son’s school has done what they can to make the school day easier for him since the incident, however, he has not felt able to attend the elementary school in nearly two weeks and she is now considering home schooling. She says she doesn’t want to point fingers at the school but wants to be a voice for change and would like to see programs like “No Such Thing as a Bully” implemented in every school in the country.

Therens first shared her son’s bullying problem and suicide attempt through Facebook in mid-October and said she has received over 800 messages of support and many personal stories have been shared, with about two dozen voicing similar problems in the Southeast. She has started a Facebook page called “One for All and All for Everyone” to share personal experiences and find solutions to bullying.

She has a message for parents, “talk to your kids. Just keep talking to your kids; keep that communication line open, it’s so important. When they stop talking that’s really the scariest thing for a parent. And don’t stop, don’t give up, keep fighting for your kids, they need you.”

The province is currently recognizing Bullying Awareness Week.

The original story is here including her amazing radio interview


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New Book Provides Rae of Hope for Bullying Survivors – AM 1250

An interview I had with Michelle Sawatsky from AM 1250; this is the resulting story

New Book Provides Rae of Hope For Bullying Survivors

A local author used some of her own past experiences of being bullied as part of a collection of bullying survivor stories called “Rae of Hope” being launched Tuesday.
Marianne Curtis of Steinbach said when Bill 18 became a big issue here, she felt it was important for her to share her story, as she had been severely bullied in this area and was concerned that regulated changes would actually make a difference.
“I actually thought bullying was normal – that’s the sad part. When people I went to school with came forward with their own bullying stories, they encouraged me to share my story. I realized it was important to share my own story as well.”
She found that telling her story was very therapeutic, so she wanted to share this with other bullying survivors. She sent out a call over social media for people to share their bullying stories with her and she received submissions from all over Canada, USA and the UK.
“A lot of their stories were worse than mine, and it was really cool to give a voice to some of these stories that had never been spoken before, not even to family.”
Curtis said her book was supposed to be one book about bullying, but after receiving stories about sexual violence, child abuse, etc, it has inspired her to write an additional five other books to be a part of a  six-book series.
“This project has grown into something beyond writing a book. It’s inspiring other people to find healing and help, because that’s the only way to get over it.
Curtis encourages people to wear blue in support of the “Stop Bullying” message to the book launch at Jake Epp Library, Tuesday, November 18 at 7 p.m.

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New Book Tackles Bullying – Mix 96.7

This morning I did three radio interviews; this was the first one I did, with Corny Rempel from Mix 96.7 Steinbach

New Book Tackles Bullying

Marianne Curtis has a new book “Rae Of Hope” that will be launched on Tuesday November 18th at the Jake Epp Library at 7pm.
Here is what Marianne says about her new book.
“Last year, I had an opportunity to speak before the Manitoba Legislature and share my bullying story when they were considering Bill 18. This was the first time I ever stood up and shared the horrors I was subjected to as a young person. I was inspired by a young lady in Nova Scotia, who took her life after being subjected to some of the same things I was.
While preparing for my presentation, I received hundreds of emails in support, from other’s who have suffered the same and even worse. I realized I was lucky, and I had to be brave, not for myself, but for those who did not have a voice. Instead of letting those stories collect dust in my inbox, Rae of Hope: Stories from Survivors was born. Over the past year, I have collected real stories from across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom and put them into an “all in one” resource. Rae of Hope also includes resources on how to identify and stop bullying in your home, school or community.

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MB Author talks Bullying with CTV news

Thank you CTV for having me on! I am extremely grateful for being able to speak about this important subject on Live TV. Check out the full interview below.

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November 17, 2014 · 6:51 pm

AM 1250 Radio interview

On September 26 I went live on air with Michelle Sawatsky from AM 1250 in Steinbach. This was a huge event for me as I only expected to be on Mix 96.7. I have written many stories about Michelle over the years (she is one of Steinbach’s top athletes and even represented Canada in the Olympics years ago (volleyball); more recently I did a story on her last year when she was inducted into the provincial athletic Hall of Fame. Regardless, it was a pleasure to sit at the mike with her (I also went to school with her years ago).

Listen to the entire interview here

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