Dan Guetre, Publisher and Editor

“The courage to expose the best and the worst of oneself for all the public to see is a rare strength. Marianne shows that strength page after page.”

 Cynthia J Faryon, Author & Freelance Writer

“This is a very heartfelt and moving story, told simply with unrestrained emotion. Readers should clear their schedules, make a pot of coffee, and keep a box of Kleenex handy. Once they start reading they will not be able to put it down.”

James Kostelniuk, Author & Freelance Writer

“This is a story of a woman’s undying need to be recognized and loved, and to love. It’s about a woman who survives poverty, homelessness and deprivation, only to rise above those conditions to find forgiveness, humanity and self-worth. It’s a compassionate story of overcoming the odds to become a real, honest-to-goodness person with a heart.” 

Alvin Funk, Author & Freelance Writer

Finding Gloria is an interesting account of a life that has experienced many brow raising events.”

Richard Cloutier, Executive Producer CJOB Radio

“What a very inspirational story, what an incredible woman to come to terms with herself like this.”

 Justine Routhier, host of The Book Club on CJOB Radio Weekend Show

“Such strength and bravery to overcome everything she’s been through (and) to find forgiveness of herself and her family like that, it’s so beautiful and it’s so powerful – I sat in awe of her while listening to her story. I think she is an amazing person and she is already inspiring so many people to change and kind of reflect on themselves and to grow and become a better person from it.”

20th Annual Writer’s Digest Annual Self-Published Book Awards – Judge Commentary

Finding Gloria is the memoir of a woman who was given up at birth, experienced physical and emotional abuse and makes her way through a difficult journey to a happier present. The title is appropriate to the story and the author should be commended for recording this tale of extreme suffering and her journey out of  the ashes. Many people say they want to write a book but this author followed through when most do not. That the author was able to reach the present with a loving and forgiving heart is a testament to her strength.

Shocking and heartfelt – Mia Randall (author)

This is a brave and inspirational account of the authors life experiences that is at times shocking but always interesting. The twists and turns are fascinating throughout the book. Not ‘light reading’ but a story that had to be told. I can highly recommend this book to all.

Mia Randall – Author of Meditation Motivation, A Quick Tour of Buddhism and 20 Easy Tips to Create a Daily Practice’ and ‘A Photographic Journey Through Several Continents’


Courageous and Inspiring – Marquita Herald (author)

Marianne has shown tremendous courage in the telling of her life story. She has shared some of her most personal moments in life with a level of truth and honesty that is rare and to be treasured. The book is very well written and captures the reader’s attention and heart from the first page.

While Finding Gloria contains many moving moments and valuable life lessons, I was especially touched by Marianne’s determination to make something of herself and provide a good home and loving family life for her own children, even during some of the darkest moments of her young life. An excellent read!

Brave and Honest Book – Leila Summers (Author)

A brave and extremely honest recount from a woman who, despite having been told that she was worthless, remained determined to make something of her life. Marianne’s story is heartbreaking, and at times her decisions are exasperating, yet her resilience shines through. There were some typos in the first edition and I felt there were a few missing details, but overall this is a well crafted story of determination, rising above the odds, forgiveness, love and hope. The ending is powerful. Thank you Marianne for sharing your story, which I am sure will be healing to many others besides yourself.

A Must Read for Every survivor – Jenn (Amazon Reviewer) 

This book is a must read for any survivor of abuse. Marianne experienced so much heartache yet even when she really wanted to she never gave up on herself. She is a true inspiration!

Making a difference – Terry E (amazon reviewer)

This book was a page turner! When reading this book I cried, screamed and cheered with her. This book makes you step back and pay attention more to the children you crossroads with. I wish no children had to live through abuse but if this book can make a difference it will make a future for someone!! Great job!

Well worth reading – Lexi (Amazon reviewer)

Finding Gloria was a well written, interesting to read account of Marianne’s life. I found that once I started reading I wanted to keep on reading to find out what happened next. Be prepared to be shocked and saddened by some of what you read, but also to smile as the author has wonderful happy events happen in her life as well. I’d love to see a sequel to this book, maybe five years down the road, telling more about her interaction with her birth family.

A must read – Tracy (Amazon reviewer)

I have just finished this book and must say I was shocked, saddened and overjoyed for Marianne all in one book. She has shared the most personal moments and still comes out smiling at the end, it truly teaches you that no matter what you deal with in life, nothing is impossible to overcome. Thank you for sharing your story, it is one that I will never forget. I will be recommending this book to all of my friends.

Very Emotional – JoAnne Brown (Amazon reviewer)

This was a bit of extra reading in the beginning, letters etc from people. But after the the stoy gets started it is hard to put down. Several times I got goose-bumps relating to what was said. When I started raising my children I was so afraid of making mistakes that would mess them up for life. My mother in law told me… I’d make mistakes, we all do, but children are resilient! Mine turned out good…. And from reading this story I can see just how resilient children can be. Thank you for sharing, this put a lot of things in perspective for me in my own life! Well written and worth reading.

Tears in my eyes – Diana (Amazon reviewer)

I just started this book but am compelled to write a review right away. In the first chapter I had tears in my eyes reading about her birth story. I don’t know what it is like to have a mother turn on her daughter since I was brought up in a loving home but to know that this story has a happy ending makes me smile inside. Kudos to you Mrs. Curtis for being able to write about such a horrific experience and know that you will forever have people who love you and who support you.

A Bag of Mixed Emotions – DragonFly8 (Amazon reviewer)

Once I started this book, I could not put it down. Finding Gloria was an extremely easy to read book, it had me in tears, it had me smiling, it had me not wanting to stop reading. Marianne Curtis put such life into her words, it grips you from beginning to end. Marianne, you are a strong, courageous woman. For you to put on paper the events of your life like you have, takes incredible strength. I will certainly be recommending this book to many others. In fact, a few people I know have already read it, and found it very much as I have. Thank you for allowing your readers to take a step into your life.

A Must Read – Joseph (Amazon Reviewer) 

I have been slothful in reading for the past little while, but once I picked this book up, I had a difficult time putting it down. Marianne has a way of captivating you and bringing you right into her life.

Captivating – SwissCan (Amazon Reviewer) 

Captivating read! Well written, heartbreaking! I would definitely recommend this book. Don’t expect a light read, this story will shake you up.

Worth Reading – Jenni (Amazon Reviewer) 

While I wasn’t particularly enthralled with the book from beginning to end, I did find it engaging most of the time.Sometimes it was difficult to follow the timeline of events in the story. I was also a bit skeptic of how accurate some of the very early childhood events were recalled.I think it’s amazing that Marianne has been able to deal with all that has gone on in her life, but I also know that it is an ongoing process and wish her the best for her future.

Amazing Story – Laurie (Amazon Reviewer) 

Wow! Great book, hard to put down. Brought about shock, tears, and smiles. Great job Marianne.
I would recommend and have recommended this book to every reader that I know.

Read it in one day! Couldn’t put it down – Allie (Amazon Reviewer) 

I downloaded your book early this morning and couldn’t put it down. What a gripping life story you’ve shared. I was shocked, and in tears throughout your story and couldn’t wait to see what would happen next! Thank you for baring your soul and sharing your story Marianne! I will recommend it to everyone I know!


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